Early Flowers ! Very Early Flowers

Its been an incredibly mild spring ( if you hadn’t noticed ) with a short frosty break towards the end of January followed again by warm weather

.Hawthorn in flower in December !



It was mid December when I took some photos of Hawthorn Blossom and breaking leaf followed by a couple of violets in the woods and now at the end of January in the woodland, Dogs Mercury in flower with Cuckoo Pint.



There’s been the odd Blackthorn flower but this morning 28th January, plenty of Blackthorn Blossom in the hedgerows


The early pairing of many birds can be seen, crows, jays,partridge,.kestrels , blackbirds. in my garden Blue tits have been checking out the nesting boxes


Barn Owls at Cobbs Wood January 2016

Barn Owls feeding on voles, they seem to get plenty ( not all on film). They need to eat plenty of voles to get into breeding condition, hopefully they will do well this year. 2015 was a bad year and this pair abandoned three eggs due to a lack of voles to feed on